“I believe in mixing things up. I like to think outside the box while still making the design the most appropriate for my client. I really enjoy the collaborative process.

At Kathy Adams, we believe a warm relationship with our designers and clients alike. We want our clients to feel welcomed every time they come to our store and to feel a connection with their designer.

 One of our top-notch designers, Fanchon Mcbride, has a knack for mixing things up to deliver rooms that leave each client speechless. No matter your design aesthetic, she is sure to deliver exactly what you want, taking into consideration your lifestyle.

 She knows how to really think outside the box to curate a design that is very appropriate for the clients needs and life, while still being very on trend and unique. She really enjoys in the overall collaborative process and bonding with the client.

“Beauty is always going to be there, matching material things will come and go.”

Working as an interior designer, where she can collaborate with multiple fabrics and materials to create branded, upscale custom furniture is what she focuses on. Contact us for any designing need of yours!


Preston Parkway Center
1509 Preston Rd, Plano, TX 75093