Don Nolan

“My goal and desire as a designer is to listen to what the client needs and wants, and then put something together for them beyond what the wanted.”

Our designers are our assets. And so are our customers!

We believe that just giving our best is not enough, sometimes we need a little more than that. To exhilarate our customers with our designing expertise, we make sure that we don’t follow just the cliché suits.

We at Kathy Adams, love to surprise our clients with our interior design dexterity.

To deliver a great designing experience, it is mandatory that we go beyond our horizons at times. Our foremost goal is to deliver rooms that meet your needs and wants in cohesion.

Dallas Interior Designer, Don Nolan, delivers rooms that inspire conversation and wow everyone who walks in. He has the experience you can count on when designing for his clients.

When you give more, you get more.”

He believes to go beyond and walk an extra mile by putting something beyond what the customer thought they wanted. With incredible design and high-end décor, Kathy Adams brings upscale custom furniture into your lives without any second thoughts.

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Preston Parkway Center
1509 Preston Rd, Plano, TX 75093