“My process involves an honest conversation with my clients to understand their wants. An assessment of any specific pieces they want in the room gives great direction for the design.”

At Kathy Adams, we love our designers and think it is important for our clients to know a little bit about the wonderfully talented interior designers they will be working with.

 Albert Flores grew up loving interior design and architecture. His creative nature on display even at an early age as he would build toy houses and the furniture that would go in them or sketch out the design for them with map colors.

 This passion never left Albert and as he grew older, he honed his talents into a career, starting with flipping real estate and then full-time interior design. Albert’s desire to transform spaces from bland to breathtaking has made him a success in the industry.

“Challenges create the best opportunity to grow as a designer.”

Albert loves to take on challenging rooms, saying that they expand his views and force him to outdo himself, using all of his resources to really wow his clients.

As far as his personal taste goes, Albert loves the color Kelly Green and his favorite pattern is a simple stripe. Personally, he is a big fan of clean lines and the use of negative space to create a clear space that allows him to relax his mind and refresh his soul.

Of course, his personal style is just that, personal! He loves embracing the styles of his clients to create rooms that are true to their lifestyles and aesthetics!

When you work with Albert, he starts by having an honest conversation with you that allows him to truly understand your wants and needs. His ability to deliver a room that reflects high-end design while keeping in touch with who you are is what makes Albert such a great designer.

Albert is just one of the many talented interior designers at Kathy Adams. Contact us today to find out what he can do for your space!


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