Advantages of Hiring Interior Designers for Your Re-Design

Your home is a direct reflection of your personality. From the exterior paint to the backyard shrubbery, the way that your home looks tells a story about the type of person that you are and the unique details that you relish in.

When you make plans to do an interior re-design or add new furniture to the main room in your home, you obviously want the outcome to be as vibrant as your ideas for the project. While we all may have big ideas, we may not all have a process in mind to properly carry out a large-scale design project.  We suggest that when your home needs a new look, that you call on professional interior designers to carry out the job. There are many reasons to work with an expert on your project and Kathy Adams Interiors is here to give you some trade secrets.


Less Stress with an Expert

If you live in Plano or another area in the metroplex, you most likely lead a busy life. Juggling work, social activities, and kids to take care of is enough stress on one’s plate. Dealing with the design of a room or multiple rooms in your house is something you want to enjoy, not add to your list of stresses.

Letting professional interior designers do the stressful work for you will allow you to enjoy watching your home transform, while also staying in control of the project at a proper distance.


Interior Designers Know Their Colors

When you think of colors, you most likely think of them at the most primary level possible. There are a lot more selections than the standard rainbow, and your professional decorator can help you find the right color schemes that will make your room pop. You’ll be stunned at the variety of colors that can light up a room, and your hired design expert is prepared to select the best designs for your newly decorated rooms.

They Have Access to Specialty Brands

We know that your Plano home needs to look the best that it can and for the right price. When hiring interior designers, you open the doors to a world of luxury furniture brands for your home. Expert decorators often have connections to brands that before, may have been out of your reach or even your price range. Letting the professionals handle the job could potentially find you the perfect luxury furniture piece at a price that doesn’t hurt your wallet.


You’ll Be Kept on a Budget

Your interior decorator will keep your project on a planned and set budget. Working a re-design on your own can be a process of trial and error that ends up costing you much more than originally planned. Interior designers understand their craft and know how to approach each situation and maximize the use of your budget.


Kathy Adams’ Interior Designers Will Turn Your Vision into Reality

For more than 25 years, the creative team at Kathy Adams has been proud to set the standard for interior design in the Plano area.  If you have a unique design in mind for an area of your home or office, give us a call today and find out how we can give your room an iconic look that speaks to your style and culture.

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