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Sized to Fit! How to plan your space.

Arranging the right furniture in your room can be a challenging task, but not one that you can’t handle!

Whether you are buying all new pieces, utilizing your existing ones, or trying to just bring in an antique that you’ve recently come to own, planning out your space will help.





Here are a few tips and tricks to help you!



You need to always consider the size of the room, the pieces you HAVE to have in the space, and the location of any focal features, doorways, and fireplaces that will impact the placement of your furniture.

Furniture does not have to hug the walls! If your space allows, a free-floating couch may be the perfect thing to help give your room dimension and purpose. You certainly do not want your guest sitting so far apart they don’t feel included in the conversation.

Pay attention to zones. If you have an open living space or just a large room, zone the space out. You want to create designated sections, perhaps a main living area, a reading zone, and a dining space.  Rugs and the placement of furniture will help distinguish the zones. This will help you avoid that “bowling lane” feel.

Think about your lifestyle! This is a big key in creating a LIVING space. You do not want to forgo your natural comforts for the sake of style. If you like to have a cup of coffee while reading a book in a particular chair, make sure a table is within reach to set your drink down.

This probably goes without saying, but avoid clutter. Just because you see a small amount of floor space does not mean you should fill it with something. Less is more. By not cluttering your space, you allow the pieces you do have to get noticed.

Tying into the previous two points, pay attention to traffic flow. Part of maintaining comfort and avoid clutter is being able to easily maneuver within your room. You want to make sure it is easy to get up and walk from one area to another without feeling like you may bump into a table or trip over something.

Make sure your space is balanced! This does not mean it has to be symmetrical – just because there is a chair on one side doesn’t mean the other has to have an identical chair. Think more weight distribution. You do not want all heavy pieces of furniture on one side of the room and the other left feeling empty.

Above all else, make sure your space works for you and your lifestyle! Style is very important, but so is living!


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