The Kathy Adams design process is the key to producing amazing style that compliments your way of life. Our designers are happy to come to your home and collaborate on creating your custom color palette and professional floor plan while taking into consideration your lifestyle requirements, time frame, and budget.


So that you know what to expect, we have outlined a general layout of our process. We understand that every client likes to be in the know, and we are here to make sure all of your expectations are met. The Kathy Adams design team is always here to work with you to deliver carefully curated rooms designed specifically for your wants and needs.

The Process

Getting Started
Measure your room &draft blueprint to best place furniture
  • Research. We start every design project by getting to know our client. We want to know how you live your life, your favorite color, and your general design aesthetic. This is how we make your room stylish and still livable.
  • Home Visit. It is important for us to take into consideration the architecture of the room, noting any special features that factor into the design. We also want to capture a sense of your existing decorating style throughout your home.
  • Measurements. We will take measurements of the room and draft a blueprint to see how to best place furniture. It is important to know the scale we are working with in order to deliver the best results.
Making the Selections
  • Presentation. Here is where the fun begins! We will create a visual proposal for how to best design your room, including fabric and color samples, furniture ideas, and accessories. This gives you the chance to give feedback and discuss the direction.


  • Decision Time. Once we have met and discussed your style and needs, we will make the final selections and begin the ordering process. Since we customize the furniture and provide curated art and accessories, this process can take time.
We create visual proposal using Interior Design Elements
The Installation
Mix and Match Interior Design Patterns
  • Preparing. As soon as orders are placed, we begin the installation process, which includes hanging any fixtures, adding any wallpaper or paint, and finishing the floors. Once this is done the large furniture pieces are brought in.


  • Finishing Touches. After the layout is complete for the space, we add the finishing pieces, including wall art and other accessories that tie the whole space together. After this stage, the room is ready for you and your family to enjoy!