At Kathy Adams, we use upscale custom furniture to tell the stories of our customers.


Accordingly, we work on delivering great design creations and rooms that express who you are. While we believe that it is important to relate to our customer’s wants, we do not impose our expertise in any manner.


Our design process has been honed to accentuate our clients’ desired wants, needs, and lifestyle when designing their space. We deliver warmth and strive for long-term bonds with each client we work with.

Every space has a story; we just need to listen to them

With us, you get a vivid imagery of your designing patterns. Whether it is the striking floor plans, custom fabric swatches, or intricate furniture finds, your interior designer delivers it all.


Our goal is to make your space’s stories tangible with a touch artistic experience and expertise. As an ideal partner, we make sure that your imagination gets a face with our creative Dallas Interior designer, Kathy Roath.


Call us to have an expert design your space to tell your story.