At Kathy Adams, we understand the importance of matching our expertise in enhancing your aesthetics and your design goals.


Kathy Adams Interiors is the go-to custom-building Dallas Interior Designer team. Kathy Adams Designers align your designing goals with our knowledge and skills to deliver inspiring rooms.


“It is my job to listen to the client and with guidance, design a room that reflects their lifestyle with consideration for their taste and appropriateness to the setting” according to our esteemed designer, Joan McDowell.


Interior designing is an intricate task. To work as a reliable interior designer, one has to be able to understand how to incorporate classic decor and current trends. Our designers know the importance of being able to utilize upscale custom furniture in any space and within any aesthetic.

What you are is what gets reflected in how you live

We believe that both our designers and customers should feel delighted while working with each other. Accordingly, we strive for mutual goals that build great relationships. When you work with us, you have all the liberty with your designing goals. We make sure that we provide the exact surefire solutions to your designing needs.

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