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Interior Designer – Fanchon McBride

“I believe in mixing things up. I like to think outside the box while still making the design the most appropriate for my client. I really enjoy the collaborative process.”


At Kathy Adams Interiors, we love our designers and think it is important for our clients to know a little bit about the wonderfully talented interior designers they will be working with.


Fanchon McBride has always had a flare for interior design, often decorating spaces for herself, family, and friends. After years of working as a 2nd-grade teacher, Fanchon decided to embrace her true calling and embark on a career in interior design.   


This transition was a fairly seamless one, as Fanchon’s passion and creativity quickly launched her to the top of the pack. Her ability to marry her own desire to think outside of the box with the wants and needs of clients have made her a trusted designer for all those looking to impress with their interior stylings.  


“I listen first and then work to put my creative talents into motion.”


Fanchon loves working with all types of people, drawing inspiration from her client’s lifestyle, travels, and who they are as an individual. Once she has a firm grasp on who her client is, Fanchon lets her creativity flow, bringing in just the right pieces to make the client’s space complete.


Where her personal tastes are concerned, Fanchon loves working with blacks and whites, then including drastic pops of colors. To create a whimsical look, mixing and matching patterns and different style furniture pieces is a go-to technique for her own personal aesthetic.


Her personal style does not dictate her design, though. When she works with a client, their style is her style. She brings a certain charm of thinking outside the box that helps her to deliver custom rooms to each client.  


Fanchon’s easygoing, approachable demeanor will make each experience working with her truly enjoyable. Her attention to detail, ability to balance the pieces in a room, and to promote a collaborative working environment really help her to always deliver rooms that wow each client.


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