High Point Market Living Room Finds

Inspiration from High Point Market

Where Interior Designers come to draw inspiration and learn about the latest trends in home designs.

Every 6 months, the interior design equivalent of fashion week takes place – High Point Market. This is a venue where the latest trends in home furnishings are displayed to roughly over 75,000 people.

The talented designers at Kathy Adams Interiors visit these conventions in order to find inspiration for their designs and to curate furniture pieces and accessories they can incorporate into future projects.

When you are looking for high-end furniture, accent pieces, lighting fixtures, and artwork, HPMKT is the place you flock to. The Kathy Adams team embraces all of the trends displayed at these events and brings the style home to Dallas for you.

One of the more noteworthy trends picked up this season is that COLOR IS BACK! When walking through the showrooms, the splashes of colors are everywhere, gone are the days of gray and white being the primary palette. – In fact, check out our last blog where we talked about embracing color in your space!

Another trend to make note of is that traditional European-influenced pieces paired with more modern designs is definitely one of the hottest looks to embrace. In other words, do not be afraid to mix and match your styles, when done the right way, they can complement each other.

As our designers wrap up their time at Market, you can bet they are excited to get back to Dallas and incorporate all the treasures they’ve found into your room! Contact Kathy Adams Interiors today to schedule a design consultation with a trusted name in Dallas interior design and a leader in the latest home furnishing styles. For more inspiration from High Point Market, search the tag, #HPMKT

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