Colorful Living Room Design

Be Bold! Embrace Colors!

Don’t be afraid to use color in your home! Learn how to incorporate bold accent walls or vibrant accessories in order to liven things up.

Everyone wants their home to look unique and have a style that reflects them. One easy way to accomplish this is to utilize color throughout your space. While this is a simple way to bringing character to your interior, it can also be a disaster if you don’t know how to balance the colors.

There is a science behind picking colors, tones, etc, but we won’t get into the specific details. Instead, we will cover a few basics that you should keep in mind when working with colors throughout your home.

First, pick your tone! There are three main tones you need to pay attention to for this:



  • Lighter tones are your more pastel colors, those that almost look as if they’ve been mixed with white to weaken them.
  • For darker tones, picture deep shades of any color, all very warm. This tone tends to always appear a bit richer.
  • Then you have the more vibrant tones, those that are your brighter hues that really pop! Small amounts of this tone go a long way.


The tone of colors you go with really sets the mood of your home and helps tell your design story. You want to make sure that the overall look is the same from room to room; for example, you do not want to have pastel blues and yellows in the living room and then darker jewel tones in the kitchen. This isn’t to say that you can use different colors in different rooms, just keep the tone the same.

Once you’ve decided on the tone/look you want to go with, you need to decide if you are wanting to be more daring with your color use or a tad more reserved.

For those wanting to really embrace colors, you can paint an entire room or an accent wall. Don’t be afraid to make your walls the focal point of the room, think Carrie Bradshaw’s redone apartment in the Sex and the City movie. Be careful with the size of the room and chosen color, though.

If you are wanting color in your home but unsure of the amount, you can always pick one or two pieces of furniture to bring in the main color. A bold colored couch can transform a room and give it new life or you can even rely on the placement of accessories with your chosen color palette.

Adding color to your space can really make your interior design look put together. If you are unsure of how to best achieve the look you are wanting or unsure of what that look even is, we are here to help. The designers at Kathy Adams have the professional knowledge that can bring your dream home to life.

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