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Accentuating Your Accent Pieces

The accent furniture you use in your room can help tie your space together or create a cluttered nightmare. It is important to decide on your end goal for the space and work to create that by bringing in the right pieces for the space.


An accent piece is a bit more than the accessories you use to decorate; it can, and often does, serve as the focal point in the room. There are 4 main elements to consider when looking for the right accent piece for your home, SIZE, COLOR, TEXTURE, and SHAPE.


SIZE: Depending on your personal style and how bold you want to be determines the size of your accent pieces. An item does not have to be big to draw attention. You can make your end tables be the accent pieces in the room or use a huge antique armoire. The pieces that draw the eye come in many shapes and sizes. Make sure the piece you select makes sense for your space and lifestyle, don’t overcrowd!


COLOR: A sudden pop of color is a surefire way to draw attention. You can use a chair that has a bold color or even pattern that stands out as an accent piece. You can also place end tables that are an electric color and make them your accent piece. Whatever you are comfortable with, colors and patterns are a great way to accentuate any item. When working with color, remember that is should stand out and draw the eye.


TEXTURE: For those a little more bold with design, texture is a fun way to incorporate an accent piece.  Here is where you get to be a little eccentric with your decorating sense. A mid-century styled space with sleek lines can be jazzed up with a faux-fur stool. A modern space with lots of leather and metals can be transformed by incorporating a soft, upholstered chair into the design. Bring in an unexpected texture to help highlight the furniture around it.


SHAPE: The shape of your furniture can also deliver a very interesting accent piece to your room. For example, you can take a boring colored and textured couch but give it a unique design, and it will make all the difference to your space. A fun chaise lounge, a settee with an odd back, a geometric-inspired chair, all can draw attention and easily set the tone of a room.


Whatever way you decide to incorporate an accent piece into your design, keep in mind that you want it to draw attention to itself while tying into the furniture around it. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box and to mix and match different elements. If you need help, the designers at Kathy Adams Interiors would love to help bring your room to life!


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